Your idea for what you need is where we start. It could be a stock part that is difficult to find or an innovative upgrade you have envisioned. Keeping your machine operating or improving its performance is the goal.

Original well worn sprocket from 1979 Yamaha YZ125 laid out on a life size printout of the Van Meter Engineering design. We maintained the basic shape of the interior design but widened the perimeter slightly to add strength.


Choosing the correct materials and the optimal specifications to make your part meet or exceed OEM standards is assured by choosing a professional Engineer.

Precise CAD drawing to duplicate original design with modern tooth dimensions


Machining and Welding services coupled with the ability to utilize CNC Milling machinery insures your item will be made to specifications.

CAD rendering of finished product
Finished Product
Designed to replicate the stock item utilizing the latest materials and design features
Finished product installed and ready to test


Dave Van Meter on the 1979 YZ

Van Meter Engineering provides the service of designing and manufacturing parts which may be difficult to obtain for rare or vintage machines.

Our Engineer can discuss your idea, sketch, drawing or schematic and create it in a Computer Aided Design (CAD) environment. This allows the item to be manufactured precisely by allowing each step of the processes to utilize the same electronic drawings and specifications.

We also offer the added benefit of providing metalworking services you would normally expect from a Machine or Welding shop. The pairing of both the design and manufacture of your product gives us the unique ability to make sure your product meets your specific needs.

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